vineri, 19 septembrie 2008

rezultatul vorbeste de la sine

hehe, care echipa mai vinde in germania cu 7.000 de bilete mai mult decat intreaga populatie a orasului din care provine?

17/09 2008
HSV host Unirea Urziceni
25,000 tickets already sold
At 7.00 pm on Thursday night (18.9.08), HSV are in UEFA Cup action, as they take on the Rumanian first division side Unirea Urziceni, in a first round first leg tie at the HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg. The club have announced that over 25,000 tickets have been sold for the game and advise fans wishing to avoid queuing at the turnstiles to use the pre-match ticket sales system.

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Aida B spunea...

ce tareeeee :p

comanu spunea...

valoarea nu asteapta numarul locuitorilor.sau viceversa.